The Goodpaster Scholars (or Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program) is a multi-year program that prepares Army officers for service as strategic planners through a combination of practical experience, professional military education, and a doctorate from a civilian university. Scholars spend up to two years in graduate school satisfying all course and exam requirements leading to acceptance as a doctoral candidate. During these years, officers will also attend professional military education at the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas studying history, strategic theory, and the practice of strategic planning. Once complete with their education, Scholars then serve a developmental assignment in a strategic planning position.

If you have question, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Details on Application: 

  1. Submission of the application packet. The documents required and instructions for each document are listed below.

  2. Board. An Army University board convenes to determine the most qualified applicants to interview.

  3. Interview. SAMS leadership will contact officers selected as finalists to arrange an interview. Only the finalists will be interviewed.

Suspense: All application documents must be received by May (see MILPER each year for specifics).

Application Packet Submission

  • All application requirements are listed below along with instructions for each requirement. These requirements must be emailed to:

  • All documents, except the photo, must be an individual PDF file. They must conform to the labeling convention described below. The DA photo must be an individual JPEG. Those requiring signature must be signed (digitally, if possible).

  • All documents must be submitted via email to the ASP3 email listed above and must follow the naming convention listed for each requirement. Documents should be batched together for submission in order to reduce email traffic. Applicants with incorrect or incorrectly named documents will be notified of required corrections. Officers who do not correct discrepancies (wrong/missing documents or incorrectly named) noted in their packet will not be considered.

  1. ASP3 APPLICATION FORM. Download, complete, and submit form via email. The naming convention for this form is as follows: Last_First_Application.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_Application.pdf).

  2. PROFESSIONAL GOALS FORM. Download, complete, and submit form via email. Continuation pages are not authorized. The naming convention for this form is as follows: Last_First_Goals.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_Goals.pdf).

  3. CURRENT ORB. ORB must be dated no earlier than 01MAY19. Submit ORB via email. The naming convention for ORB is as follows: Last_First_ORB.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_ORB.pdf).

  4. DA PHOTO. Submit copy of current DA Photo in jpeg format. The naming convention for DA Photo is as follows: Last_First_Photo.jpg (example: Grant_Ulysses_Photo.jpg).

  5. OERS. Submit copy of your last five OERs with all social security numbers redacted. These must be pdf copies from iPERMS with the Senior Rater Profile information on page 2. The naming convention for OERs is as follows: Last_First_OER1.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_OER1.pdf). OERs will be number chronologically from newest to oldest. Do not submit AERs as substitutes for OERs.

  6. CURRENT APFT AND HT/WT. Current APFT SCORECARD (DA Form 705) with HT/WT information in PDF format. Naming convention is Last_First_APFT.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_APFT.pdf). Email Body Fat Content Worksheet (DA Form 5500/5501) if required. Naming convention is Last_First_HTWT.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_HTWT.pdf).

  7. TRANSCRIPTS. Submit copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts. The naming convention for transcripts is as follows: Last-F-Trans-Uni Name.pdf (Example: Grant-U-Trans-LSU.pdf). University names may be abbreviated using normal accepted abbreviations. Ensure all social security numbers redacted.

  8. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. Submit two to three letters of recommendation (LOR). LOR should be from someone who can comment on your professional potential, academic performance and potential, or both. LOR should be in memorandum format on unit/organization letterhead and be addressed to the "Director, Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program." Naming convention for LORs is as follows: Last_First_LOR_Name of Recommender.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_LOR_Odierno).

  9. WRITING SAMPLE. Submit at least one and no more than two examples of scholarly work. These may be published or unpublished and may have been completed as part of a previous degree requirement. Ideally, the topic of the writing sample will be related to the applicant's potential dissertation topic. (Note: many university doctoral programs will expect the writing sample submitted as part of an application to be on a subject related to the applicant's potential dissertation topic.) Naming convention for Writing Samples is as follows: Last_First_Writing.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_Writing1). If two writing samples are submitted, number them 1 and 2 in the same manner as OER submission with the most important example numbered 1.

  10. GRE. Submit GRE Examinee Score Report in pdf format. Minimum required scores for application are 153 Verbal Reasoning, 144 Quantitative Reasoning, and 4.5 Analytical Writing. This can be obtained by accessing your account with GRE online and printing an unofficial copy of your scores. Naming convention for Writing Samples is as follows: Last_ Ulysses _GRE.pdf (example: Grant_Ulysses_GRE). Scores must be within the last five years.