Nate is the creator and proud founding member of the non-profit organization The Strategy Bridge.  This organization was created in 2013 to provide a network of people and a platform to encourage those interested in strategy, national security, & military affairs.  It includes a journal and professional development gatherings that support these guiding principles:

  1. Writing and strategy are communal affairs. We exist to develop a community of thinkers and writers who seek to improve the level of discussion in these areas.
  2. By creating this community, we will support the authorship of quality content in the areas of policy, strategy, and military affairs.
  3. By creating this community, we will also create networks of individuals that support current thinkers and practitioners, as well as support the development of future leaders in these areas.
  4. Forever in our sight should be the development of the next generation of thinkers and practitioners in the realm of strategy.

You can follow The Strategy Bridge on Twitter @Strategy_Bridge.